North Mountain Retrievers

Yellowstone's Autumn Breeze

(FC/AFC Yellowstones's TNT Explosion, JH x Taylorlabs Queen of the Nile, MH/QAA)


North Mountain Klingon Honor, MH/QAA

                                                       See Stud Page for details


OFA Hips LR-178193G24F-VPI

OFA Elbows LR-EL41282F24-VPI

CERF LR-53021

CNM Clear By Parentage

Penn Hip 90th Percentile .35 DI

 EIC "Clear"
PRA & RD/OSD "Clear"
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Yellows and Blacks


Due March 25, 2010




AFC Cosmic Blue Genes


Ivory's Sadie Lady, MH

Sold Out

Due Date June 4, 2009

Black or Yellow Males Still Available

            "Levi"                              "Lady"

OFA Hips LR-118037G28M-PI                          OFA Hips LR-150688G24F-PI

OFA Elbows LR-EL14126M28-PI                      OFA Elbows LR-EL26438F24-PI

CERF LR-31265                                                     CERF LR-41453

CNM LR-CNM05-370-M-PIV                              CNM LR-CNM05-300-F-PIV

2005 Nat'l Amateur Finalist                             Penn Hip 90th Percentile .35 DI

 41 All Age Points-Derby List                            Optigen PRA Type "A" Clear

 EIC "Clear"                                                             EIC "Clear"

Optigen PRA Type "A" Clear

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AFC Super High Flyer


Yellowstone's Autumn Breeze

Due Date January 26, 2009

All Sold

            "Fly"                                                                                "Breeze"

OFA Hips LR-125451G25M-PI                          OFA Hips LR-178193G24F-VPI

OFA Elbows LR-EL16501M25-PI                     OFA Elbows LR-EL41282F24-VPI

CERF LR-27625                                                     CERF LR-53021

CNM "Clear"                                                         CNM Clear By Parentage

2008 Nat'l Amateur Qualifier                             Penn Hip 90th Percentile .35 DI

 EIC "Clear"                                                                 EIC "Clear"

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For Information on Fly, see his website: